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Class Info/Dress Code

Natalia's Muse Dance Studio encourages our students to dress according to the genre of dance they are attending. Following this guideline establishes a sense of professionalism in class, helps unify students, diminishes economic and social barriers between students, increases a sense of belonging and studio pride, and lastly, improves attendance. Most importantly, dressing according to the standards we outline below helps prepare our students to be successful dancers.

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Hip Hop

Our hip-hop classes combine a warm-up, across the floor combinations, grooves, and a center combination. This powerful form of dance allows students of all ages to enjoy being free while learning body isolation and coordination skills while listening to music they love.

Dress Code: Comfortable sneakers along with any combination of shirts, tops, shorts or sweatpants that are loose fitting.


Contemporary is characterized by a free-flowing and natural form of expression. Due to its flexibility and organic fluidity, it can truly deliver a unique style that is often driven by a strong emotional narrative, expressed and interpreted by the dancer.

Dress Code: Bare feet, dance socks or lyrical paw's along with any combination of long sleeve shirts and pants due to floor work. Bringing/wearing layers is encouraged. Hair should be neatly pulled back in a low or high ponytail/bun.


This class combines basic jazz techniques and stretching. Dancers will have fun learning specific jazz elements and then working on them throughout the season. These fundamentals include progression, turns, leaps and center work. Students will enjoy seasonal combinations taught in the center of the floor to upbeat music.

Dress code: Any color leotard, fitted top (NO BAGGY T-SHIRTS), any color leggings or biker shorts (NO LOOSE SHORTS), hair should be neatly pulled back in a low or high bun/ponytail and have black jazz shoes.

Creative movement (recommended for ages 3-5)

Creative movement develops coordination and self-expression through simple dance movement and music. This class uses a variety of music, props and balancing techniques. Students will gain confidence as creativity is encouraged while refining gross motor skills, listening skills, musicality and coordination.

Dress Code: Clean and comfortable clothes where you can move freely. Any variety of leggings and top, bodysuit and skirts. Any color tights. Ballet slippers are any color.

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